About Us


About Us

Looking back in history it is believed that the Iron Age started around 4,000 years ago. It led to the invention of steel by blacksmiths.

The first attempts at a metal stamping process for steel had its beginnings in striking coins in the seventh century B.C.

Skipping a few years to the 20th century, the Beres family became a part of stamping history in the USA with Dependable Stamping in Cleveland, Ohio.

Dependable Stamping is a third generation stamping company that was started by Roy and Mike’s grandfather.

The Beres family involvement with the business began in the 19?? when Roy’s maternal grandfather came to work at Whaiteway Stamping as an accountant/comptroller.

Roy’s father married into the family and was instantly bitten by the steel stamping bug. He worked for the company for many years, and then in 1980 he and a partner bought the business and renamed it Dependable Stamping.

Roy says that a lot of his childhood and teenage memories were of coming to the shop, with his brother Mike, on Saturdays and cleaning the floors and wiping down the presses. He spent 4 or 5 hours every week doing what he laughingly claims as child labor.

In 20?? Roy and Mike bought out their father’s partner and together run this remarkable business on their own.

Today Dependable Stamping is an important part of the steel stamping industry.


Prototype to medium run production of metal stampings


Sheet metal fabricated parts


Tooling designed and manufactured


Secondary Operations (machining, heat treating, painting, plating, welding, etc.)




Packaging & Warehousing


CAD Drawings


We manufacture parts ranging from .020 - .75” thick material. This material type can be steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and brass. We manufacture parts from various different material shapes such as angle iron, c-channel, tubing, round stock, flat bar and sheet. We buy most of our material directly from the steel mills, which allows us to eliminate the middle person and the extra handling costs.

Our customer base includes electric motor industry, aircraft industry, heavy truck industry, after-market truck supply stores, the military, appliance industry, and the telecommunications industry, among others. We also provide a large number of miscellaneous parts to manufacturers around the Cleveland, Ohio area.

Dependable Stamping Company has been family owned and operated from the same location since 1946. Dependable Stamping Company employs 40 people in two facilities totaling over 70,000 square feet in space. We currently have over 40 punch presses that range from 30 to 400 tons, three automatic coil lines, two CNC turret punching machines, two CNC machining centers, and a large variety of miscellaneous secondary equipment. All of that equipment plus our in-house tooling manufacturing capability makes us able to supply our customers with quality product in a timely and efficient manner.